Bukhariyah Charity

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Al Bukhariyah Charity Association Was Established under License from the Ministry of Social Development No. (1389) for 2003

Mr. Faisal Mohammad Al Bukhari was elected Chairman of the Association when it was still under construction without a main office to perform its activities from.
At the end of the legal tenure for the Administrative Body which lasted from 2003 till 2009, statutory elections were held in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Social Development and Public security Directorate.

- The Chairman and members were elected as follows:
  • Mr. Abdullah Mohammad Al Bukhari as Chairman
  • Mr. Walied Mohiy Al Bukhari as Deputy Chairman
  • Mr. Faisal Mohammad Al Bukhari as Secretary
  • Mr. Ahmad Al Bukhary as Treasurer
  • Mr. Ayoub Saddiq al Bukhari as member
  • Mr. Rami Baba Bik Al Bukhari as member
  • Mr. Mohammad Amien Saliem Al Bukhari as member
  • Mr. Mahmood Mohammad Hossam Al Bukhari as member
  • Mr. Subsidiary accounts’ad Mohammad Walied Al Bukhari as member

The General Assembly comprised (1202) participating members.

Once the Chairman and new Administrative Body were elected, the Association’s main office was moved from the Eastern Region to the Western Region (Sports city – next to Ittihad Schools and the General Adminiostration) where it commenced its activities and events and participated in national occasions.

Objectives of the Association:

1. To bring together various Uzbek families living in Jordan and known by the name “Bukhari”, hold educational seminars and national and family celebrations and maintain bonds between these Uzbek families.
2. To study conditions of disadvantaged poor and needy families in order to provide help and support whether in cash or in kind.
3. To create a place for the elderly to meet, consult, spend time under the (Shoyookhona) initiative.
4. To maintain communication and relations between Uzbek families living in Jordan and those living in Uzbekistan in order to preserve Uzbek traditions and language.
5. To participate in family and national events and occasions.

Activities and events organized during the current year:

1. To mark Al Karamah day and Army Day, a national celebration was held and attended by notables and young people. The event included welcome speeches, parades and Uzbek dishes.

2. A ceremony on Mother’s Day to honor many Uzbek mothers and female community figures.

3. To mark Independence day and tenth anniversary of His Majesty the King’s Accession to the Throne, an exhibition for Jordanian and Uzbek folklores was organized; comprising photo, artifacts, costumes, tools and handcrafts shows.

4. To mark the holy month of Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr, the association distributed financial support and charity packages which contained food supplies and clothes for poor families, orphans and the needy in an attempt to bring joy into children’s lives.

Future Prospects: 

  • Al Bukhariyah association strives to enable family relations and continuous communication and to provide comprehensive services.
  • To enhance the Associations budget by undertaking projects that help achieve its aspirations through comprehensive plans; as the only support the Association receives so far comes from the Administrative body and Chairman .
  • To work on strengthening relations between Uzbek families and their homeland by means of exchange students, education and visits to original families in order to preserve Uzbek traditions and language for future generations.
  • The Association maintains communication with Uzbek families in the Arab world and seeks to strengthen these relations constantly.

Al Bukhariyah Charity Association has attracted the attention of the Jordanian Ministry of Social Development through its participations and activities. The Association, represented by its Chairman; members and families, strives to provide as much support and services in our beloved Jordan as it can as a demonstration of loyalty to the Hashemite Throne and our precious homeland.